Balloon decor

Our imaginative balloon decor service brings splendour to any party or corporate event. Based in Hemel Hempstead, we are ideally placed for events based in Hertfordshire, London, Bedfordshire, and Buckinghamshire.

Table arches

These can be assembled off site and set up quickly at your venue. Customised, themed table arches make a great focus and place for the birthday cake and also a fun photo frame for your party memories. Prices start at £50 for linking arches, £95 for traditional spiral table arches, £130 for organic arches and £165 for themed arches.

Large arches and hot air balloons

Organic garlands and arches make a fabulous display and start at £40 per metre with giant balloons, or £32 per metre without giant balloons. It may also be necessary to hire a stand.

Hot air balloon, as pictured above, £120.

Customised themed balloon arches bring a “new world” of balloons to your event and start at £300.

Spiral air-filled balloon arches make a fabulous impact and can be created with a simple spiral of colours to compliment your event. Prices start from £180.

Helium filled string arches can be quickly set up to form a welcoming entrance. Typical price for 16 helium-filled balloon arch, suitable for double doors, £64.

Linking arches, suitable for single or double doors, require no frame and make a great impact. Prices start from just £100.

Columns and walls


Sculptures are customised to suit your event.


Balloony bouquet weights add a special touch to your table decor and start at £2 for a balloon daisy.  A small balloon animal weight tied to a three balloon bouquet is just £13.50 – see above.

Latex bouquets

Helium filled latex balloons are inflated to 10.75 inches, and filled with hi-float to extend float time to days after your party is over.

A single helium balloon filled with hi-float, inflated to 10.75 inches, and tied to a ribbon is £2.50

Three balloon bouquet with a sculptured daisy balloon weight or standard weight £9.50.
Five balloon bouquet with weight £14.50.
Seven balloon bouquet with weight £19.50.

Foil bouquets

A single helium filled 18″ foil –  heart, round or star shaped – tied to a ribbon is £3.50.

Seven foil balloon bouquet with weight, £25.
Ten foil balloon bouquet with weight £35.

Extra charges apply for novelty foils, bubbles and sculpted centrepieces.

Delivery charges

We offer a friendly delivery service to all customers within an 8 mile radius of Hemel Hempstead. This service is £5 plus £1 per extra mile from Hemel Hempstead . For deliveries further afield, the price is twice mileage eg Watford and Luton £20; London £50 (plus congestion charge if appropriate). Arrangements can also be made to deliver your order by courier.